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The Galleries at CSU

November 4th, 2022

The Galleries at CSU

Wow Wow Wow!!! What a spectacular show. This was just the best-curated show I have personally ever seen. Initially, I was dumbfounded at how anyone could put together a coherent show out of the eclectic group of items that I was seeing get dropped off as I stood in line to offer my own canvases for exhibit to get back in the swing of things after having stepped away from public exhibits for several years for personal reasons.

As I entered the gallery with my mouth open; shocked but trying not to look so stunned. I consciously closed it and wandered through the show losing the people I had arrived with and not caring (no offense to my Mom and my cousin Becky) I registered that my mouth was open on several different occasions and knew I would have to come back to see all the things I had missed. There was just so much to see! I have gone back three times now and picked out what I want to purchase. As I was leaving, I inquired, who was this amazing person who had somehow managed to create this "vision" out of what looked to me like complete chaos. His name is Kendall Christian. I think he is a genius. I have never been a person who uses that word. If you get a chance to see the show do it. He deserves A LOT more recognition.

You are probably asking yourself, how many shows has she actually seen? When I lived in New York I made it my job to attend as many shows as possible to research how to price my work. I attended over 170 shows during the year that I lived there sometimes going to three shows in one night. And that was only that one year. I have attended art shows my entire life. While in New York, I was privileged to see some really terrific shows... all kinds of artists and art in all types of venues. Where this particular show goes beyond is that it is completely random ...and yet...NOT. It makes sense in a universal way, despite having been submitted by random artists having no directions or parameters in which to work. All I can say is Bravo Kendall Christian!